Friday, 15 October 2010

Next up...1.4 Update with more features!

Well - I'm kinda back - still got a hacking cough and bizarrely - spot under my nose (on my filtrum - painful!) but well enough to make a post on ....Update 1.4! Thanks to everyone with their well wishes, whilst getting better it made for a warm feeling knowing that not everyone wants me to die ;)

As an aside - whilst I was getting better - I have been playing a game called "Game Dev Story" on the iPhone by Kairosoft ( It's basically an iPhone sim game, where it is simulating - game development story. Brilliant. It would appear whilst ill from developing games, I spend my recovery time playing games that simulate....developing games. One hell of a fractal (RIP Mandelbrot).

Anyway - today I shall talk about one of the big additions to 1.4, which is the much wanted "Better Repeat Mechanism Robot" (well it's not really a robot). Essentially the current repeat pop up box will be replaced with an all new pop-up box with options such as:

Every X Days
Days of the week (with an option of intervals of how many weeks inbetween)
Days of the month (with an option of intervals of how many months inbetween)
Every X Years

To go with this - there will also be a setting for Local Notifications ("alarms") if you so wish for the task.

Incidentally - I have actually found a real live humanoid who will be helping code EpicWin on the iPhone. He's the same guy who ported MiniSquadron to Android for me and he is Daniel Smith of Gray Fin Studios ( - named after both his kids!). I have also re-discovered my old college room-mate who has been experimenting with the "network server" and doing fun social task thingies....but that's very early stage at the moment!

More posts on 1.4 features as I continue to get better! (Also hopefully more pictures)


  1. Those are some weird names to name kids, Gray and Studios. Though it does make it easier to name a software company after them.

  2. Sounds like you have quite the robust repeat mechanism coming, sounds great!

  3. Congrats, I'm glad that you made use of your down-time by hanging out in sim-sim land. BTW, I'd love to talk with you sometime as (I think I mentioned this on the FB page) it was a really bizare "coincidence" that I was developing a "real-life adventure game" program right at the time your app came out (it's more 'big goal' oriented quests than yours is currently emphasizing; is supported by group coaching calls; has real-life group quests; but uses many of the same game mechanics as your app, correlating values to actions to experience points, etc. and more). Anyway, I think we'd have a fun talk if you can manage to carve out 15 minutes or so of your busy dev-schedule :)

    Keep up the great work,
    -Leif H. Hansen

  4. So far I love this app. Pressing the little award badge to complete a quest is quickly becoming one of the highlights of my day.

    I think one quick way to improve its usability would be to change the badge icon to number the tasks remaining in the day instead of the overdue tasks (or perhaps the sum of both) - I highly suspect this is what most users expect the badge number to represent and are disappointed when it behaves otherwise, though I could be wrong.

    Personally, being able to get make that little red circle disappear would just be another highlight of my day.

  5. Hi,

    are you going to do an android version of this? ;)

  6. Hey, great app! It would be AMAZING if one could create sub-quests, though, for example: My quest for "Sending important mails" could be composed by subquests: "Mail mother, Mail friend X, Mail that other guy, etc..."

    This way I could even use this for work, setting main quests for tasks to be completed, and subquests for all the atomic tasks that compose them.

  7. Looking very much forward to the notification update! I forget stuff if I do not write in my tasks in the calendar, so this is going to be awesome!

  8. Subquests are a great idea!

    I'm not sure how hard it is to code this, but currently when selecting a task's due date, the actual weekday is not shown in the scrolling menu. The standard Calendar app for iPhone does show the weekday with the day's number, and it makes it a little easier to find the right due date. Is there any way to add this in?

    Thanks for your hard work! Love the app!

  9. Love the app.

    Any thoughts on integrating with Outlook task lists?

    Love to be able to rip tasks from outlook lists and have them imported into Epic Win.

  10. Hey!
    Love the app, but manually entering the quests sometimes gets a little tedious! :(
    Integration with the iPod's default Calendar app would be an EPIC EPIC WIN! :)

  11. Some sort of way to sync to a computer both ways would make this so much more useful during the day for myself. I would love to be able to enter tasks on the computer somehow.

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