Saturday, 9 October 2010

Update 1.3 Out!

Whew - Apple was pretty sweet and got it out quick! Interesting note to iOS Devs - when I set the Update to "Release By Developer" (so it doesn't automatically gets released on approval but only after I click a button) - it never sends me an email so I only knew when I logged back in....

Anyway - this as requested is a quick update addressing specifically the issues with weirdo repeating tasks missing days, and also to come up with a save/restore option on the net for people concerned with losing their data due to no fault of their own. Also, some people have asked specifically how it does this, so I thought I'd list a few limitations here for people to understand:

1) The data is saved to Google, using their Google App Engine. This basically provides a free service for saving/processing data to a big database, and charges only when the bandwidth goes *really* high.

2) For the moment at least - this service is an emergency last ditch Save/Restore thing to give people ease of mind. It is NOT a proper calendar sync NOR a proper sync to other todo lists. If you read the last blog post you can see it is something coming in Update 1.4 (the next one).

3) This save is PER DEVICE. It is relatively easy to register multiple devices to one account, but I think I'll do that after Update 1.4 as it may be redundant when that is done - since this is really a stop gap to at least have some safety of data backed up elsewhere.

4) Currently it saves all game state including your tasks.

So hopefully this will at least give people ease of mind when they think about their data, if you have any questions throw them in the comments and I'll answer them!


  1. Excellent. I really like this app. It seems to WoW (smirk) my friends. This app helps me get things done! Cannot wait the updates and more features.

  2. Epic update! But why do the repeating tasks not show up once you beat them? But great work regardless, happy recovery. Looking forward to the full update.

  3. @firedrawndagger The repeating quests at the moment don't appear in the "Beaten Tasks". I'll probably think of an option/design so that it appears in a way that doesn't clog up your entire history - or do you not mind that?

    Thanks for the well wishes - just the last of a hacking cough - should be able to do a post at least!

  4. Great!
    But how can I delete my online progress if I want to start from the beginning?

  5. Unfortunately you can't really start again from scratch at the moment - unless you email me at with your UDID....a bit annoying but will be remedied in the future!

  6. @mrfungfung I actually would like it to show up in beaten tasks because that way I can track whether I actually accomplished the repeating task for that day. Right now as things are there's no way of knowing of whether I did the task or not - important if you're scrolling through your history of accomplished tasks and basking in the glory that is achievement. I saw the facebook post on this and I think option C makes the most sense - that is allowing someone (like me) to choose whether repeated tasks show up on beaten or not. That would totally rock.

  7. I had a bug concerning my entire ipod and had to delete my Epic Win.
    So after I synced online I deleted it, but how do I now restore my progress?
    Do I need to press sync again or does that overwrite my old one?

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